Available Reports

There are numerous reports that get generated from the Uluro system.  These reports get created based on certain criteria (i.e., whether the submission has been cleansed or presorted etc.)  Below is a list of those reports. A "Job" report is a group of "Submissions".  A Submission is an individual data file.  Multiple Submissions are sometimes combined together into a job to facilitate automated postage savings or directed by our clients.

   Report Name  Report Type
   Account Data CSV  Job
 *  Bad Address Report  Submission
   Change Address CSV  Submission
   Itemized Submission Report  Submission
   Job Presort Document CSV  Job
   Job Summary Submission Report  Job
   Manifest Report  Job
 *  NCOA Move Report  Submission
   Presort Document CSV  Submission
   Return Address Summary  Submission
   Submission Breakdown Report  Submission
   Submission Detail Report  Submission
*  Satori 3600 Report  Job
*  Satori CASS 3553  Submission
*  Satori Container Listing  Job
*  Satori Mail Sort Listing  Job
*  Satori Manifest Report  Job
*  Satori Move Summary  Submission
*  Satori Postage Summary  Job
*  Satori Presort Report  Job
*  Satori Tray Labels  Job
*  Satori USPS Qualification  Job
*  Satori Zip Code Listing  Job

* Only available when using Satori as a presort and cleansing solution

Note: The information in these reports do not contain actual customer data so the reports available in this article will be different from live data.  These reports are only meant to reflect the layout of each report.

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